Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I can't believe she said that!

Anne Tainter is a smarty pants and proud of it. Although an equal-opportunity satirist (witness her Eartha Kitt–like tigress), she delights in skewering white bread America. Often goony and glazed-looking, Taintor's captioned men, women, and children reflect the underbelly of the American dream as well as the truth behind the images fed to us by glitzy world of advertising.

Some cards have a postmodern spin (e.g., a '40's redhead with a horrified expression captioned "Had she really hit Reply to All?!?!?!!!"), whereas others have texts along the lines of what rebellious 50s poet Anne Sexton would have communicated had her thoughts emerged in little white strips instead of in tortured torrents of verse. Oozing attitude, Taintor's subjects can also be quite saucy in their attire as well as their quips. At the moment, Daedalus has a goodly sampling of Tainter notecards suitable for birthdays or just for fun. Hurry though, because they're disappearing faster than pigs in a blanket at a Tupperware party!


  1. Love Anne Taintor. Just bought some cards! Thanks.

  2. makes me laugh every time! she's great!