Friday, April 29, 2011

Riffin' on the Royals

Windsor Palace has tried valiantly to put lid on wedding memorabilia:
"With the exception of carpets, cushions, wall hangings and head scarves, 
Royal Devices MAY NOT be used on textiles [which includes articles of clothing, 
including T-shirts, drying up cloths and aprons]."

…but can they honestly expect to control the crazed demons of commerce in the US and China?
When QE II was crowned, the royal press office did not use a website, Facebook, Twitter, youtube, etc.—nor was it deemed disrespectful to smush out cigarettes on the faces of Elizabeth and her consort on commemorative ashtrays!

Both tasteful and un, souvenirs of the event come by the thousands, including thimbles, key rings, crockery, posters, and heaps of wedding-watching party favors, such as tiaras, pajamas, and even masks (scary!). George Vlosich's Etch-A-Sketch portrait of the couple took 80 hours to complete... time well spent?
Before they went out of business, Woolworths jumped the gun with the mug at left (what in God's name is on her head ... laurel wreaths?), in addition to some mysterious “prince-shaped candies” (were they akin to chocolate babies?)

In any event, we can be sure that by the blessed end of the festivities, oodles of atrocious headgear will have been bought and paraded. Witness a typical photo, below left, of the Princess Royal at a garden party.

If your interest has been duly piqued by the whimsies and wacky ways of the British Isles, you should check out The Anglo Files: A Field Guide to the British.
"The princess who mistook a cake for a hat"

Elizabeth on a tin, before she became a frump.

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