Monday, May 23, 2011

Picks of the day ... and a guest from the past

Shower and Honkytonk Man. Both are true-to-life family dramas leavened with humor: sweet but not sappy. 3 stars each.
Saving Fish From Drowning by Amy Tan. Tan is somewhat of an uber Chinese–American author by this point, and that's because she keeps evolving. Along the lines of what one used to dub "a ripping good yarn," this novel chronicles the not-so-pretty consequences when a motley crew of Americans confronts Burma and vice versa.
MUSIC: Not that Gaga!!
If you didn't know that "gaga" is street celebration music performed by Haitians living in the Dominican Republic, then join the club. I discovered this while researching some of the hundreds of albums of music from around the world issued by Smithsonian Folkways. Much of this is rare and special stuff, and needless to say, it's well curated. You can put together an entire world music library in no time. So prepare to get your gamelan on!

Daily Funny: "Moana Lisa"
Perhaps the most photoshopped image in existence. Mona Lisa has been re-created as Marge Simpson, as a Naavi, and as a blonde with breast implants. The puzzle below is but a small sample of the artistic licence that has been taken with Leonardo's most famous painting.


  1. Wow! Great clip. I didn't know there was a "GAGA" that was actually worth investigating. To be honest, I'd never heard of this music at all. I love the adventurous, impromptu vibe of celebratory music like this. Thanks for hipping me and others to this. It helped me find a neat little video:

  2. too bad that's not on youtube!
    The variety of musical instruments in those Smithsonian CDs is just staggering.