Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rite of Spring ballet

"Le sacre du printemps" premiered in Paris on this date in 1913. The under-rehearsed dancers were flummoxed by the challenging time signatures, and conductor Pierre Monteux had his hands so full with the cacophony in the audience that he never even looked at the stage. "On hearing this near riot behind me," he wrote, "I decided to keep the orchestra together at any cost, in case of a lull in the hubbub. I did, and we played it to the end absolutely as we had rehearsed it in the peace of an empty theatre." The choreography, by Nijinsky, was recreated by the Joffrey Ballet in 1987; here is the opening section.


  1. what a great video! the music is gorgeous and the dancers are so graceful. ballet is by far my favorite realm of the performing arts!

  2. Agreed! And after watching the clip, it's no doubt that these ballerinas and ballerinos put in the effort necessary to make an outstanding performance. Love the way the accents in the music are emphasized through the choreography near the beginning of the clip. Thanks!