Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another fail in the Taintor caption contest

Below is the May image for the Anne Taintor monthly web contest, followed by my entries:

  • "If you think this is amazing you should see my fallout shelter."
  • Food budgets pre birth control: not a pretty picture.
  • You can never have too much man bait on hand.
  • "This ought to wake up his pheromones!"
  • She had stake in her marriage … and the groceries to prove it.
  • Vegetarian my ass!
  • She had no truck with sacred cows.
And here are her picks for the six finalists. I think they are somewhat ... dare I say ... gross and subpar? What do you think? Any suggestions of your own?
  • I did all the laundry and cleaned the house, and then I felt like killing someone
  • He got his wish. I made him dinner.
  • well, Ethel, he did say "bite me"
  • I have my shit together too, but you don't see me bragging about it
  • funny... he took up so much more space on the sofa
  • oh, that reminds me... I have to go bury a body 
For all of your "vintage images adorned with cheeky humor" needs, don't forget to stock up on our Anne Taintor notecards!


  1. My entry was: " I should have done that with MY Ex-husband! " Yes, it is gross, but I thought it would get a chuckle.

  2. Agreed. They were a little low-brow. Not that I could do much better! However, I'm immediately reminded of the punchline to a terrible joke I can't remember that goes, "We simply have to stop meating like this." In my family (and many, I'd imagine), this would be known as a "dad joke."

  3. Margeret - I like yours! not so visceral...

    WF - your comment reminded me of the Gershwin lyric
    "They say that when a high brow meets a low brow
    Walking along Broadway
    Soon the high brow, he has no brow
    Ain't it a shame and you're to blame"

  4. Gotta love "vegetarian my ass!" Defiance most blatant (exercised through a drawer so brimming with steaks as to cause a meniscus of meat)

  5. margaret, i think i like your comment best of all! and jp, the man bait entry was top notch. i'm really surprised that every single finalist made reference to human flesh. it seems a bit excessive. by the way, how would one go about submitting their own entries?

  6. Yeah!
    here's the page
    ... the June one should be up shortly. Let's all try to pull together and win this thing!

  7. I really love these and I also really love your captions! One day you will win! Keep it up.