Thursday, June 16, 2011

Inside Bunnydom

Who needs WikiLeaks? Sistahs are doin' it for themselves! Witness this cover page to a website exposé (posted by "Bunny Regina") of the dog's life that was being a Playboy bunny back in 1969. From the graphics, zombiedom was apparently required, as well as eye-catching measurements and a willingness to be groped and ogled by disgusting businessmen and self-styled swingers! The manual also touts the "handsome discounts on Playboy gift items" as well as "finder's fees" of $50-$100; how magnanimous! Below are a few choice excerpts of the highly detailed instructions for the "top job in the country for a young girl," including preparing for inspections by the "Bunny Mother," info on demerits for things such as "not doing the Bunny dip" and having an "unkempt tail," and an illustration of the deliriously happy winner of the "Good Service Contest."

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  1. This is so great! I wish it were easier to comment on.