Monday, June 13, 2011

Taxonomy of wine labels

Jen Cotton made this graphic to accompany a humorous article on wine labeling by Matthew Latkeiwicz in newyork.grubstreet. For example:
Graphic Design Subclass: Letterpress. Have you seen those greeting cards where there is some nice serif font that says something like 'Thank You' and then there is an equally nice image of a dandelion on it? And also a lot of white space, and it sort of looks like a wedding invitation? That’s what these wine bottles look like. 
My favorite has to be the "active animals." For the real deal in connoisseurship, check out Bordeaux: The 90 Greatest Wines!

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  1. That's absolutely hilarious!! Perhaps my favorite thing to do while walking the aisles of wine is to browse labels. This just about covers all of the oddities one comes across. However, there's been an increase in the "sans-label" bottle. Though I'm sure they're intended to have some chic air of mystery, they end up looking like sad and forgotten bottles of hooch!