Friday, June 10, 2011

"What Song Are You Listening To?"

First there was a New York version; now there's a London one. Lots of pop and rock. I like the guy who is engrossed in an audiotape about St. Paul's cathedral (I listen to a lot of podcasts and stories). Quick: what music are you listening to (if any)? I'm enjoying a Chopin cello/piano concerto.


  1. What a cool concept!! I hadn't seen these...
    Chopin seems a great way to begin the weekend. Alas, I'm still working (ahem, reading a blog!) and need a little "Real Gone" by Tom Waits to end the early evening...
    I'm sure we'd all LOVE to see the "what are you reading?" series (subways, benches, etc.)!!

  2. I like that ... next time i go to the beach i'll do it and make a video. Just think "original" content!

  3. The Brahms Piano Concerto in B flat. Hard to stomach most of today's music. Clearly I now qualify for fuddy-duddy status. Is there a discount for that?