Thursday, July 21, 2011

More "Weird Books": Stranger Than Fiction

As Anna Russell used to say, "I'm not making this up." Courtesy of AbeBooks. Words seem extraneous somehow.... Enjoy!

Synopsis (Critter Cuisine: A New Twist On Backyard Cooking)
"For the cook who's cooked it all--new and wonderful dishes based on the creatures that crawl in our yards at night, swim in our drainage ditches, and flap around in vacant houses. The Claytons give new meaning to the old idiom "cooking from your own backyard". 20 full-color photographs."

Other gems: The Joys of Jello, The Pop-Up Book of Phobias, Outwitting Squirrels, 300 Ways to Serve Eggs, The How and Why Wonder Book of Guns, Cheese Rolling in Gloucestershire, and Help! A Bear Is Eating Me….


  1. "The Pop of Book of Phobias" seems so wrong lol!

  2. Is it just me, or is "My visit to Venus" simultaneously terrifying and fascinating!?! I'd love to check out some of these!

  3. me too! I'm also intrigued by Dr & Mrs Doris Haggis-on-Whey and their relationship w/ giraffes.

    The concept and demeanor of the woman on the cover of the Radiation Recipe book are so creepy!

  4. Oh no, I must be weird to want to order the books on astronaut cuisine and British beheadings! Will any of these appear in the Daedalus catalog?

  5. Ductigami! I've been practicing it for years...well in its more practical forms, auto repair, gutter reconstruction, screen door maintenance. Who knew it was an art form!

  6. I was quite taken w/ British Beheadings as well. After all it's something they're quite famous for, and one must keep a tally, mustn't one?

    I think they're mostly OOP, but if demand is high, who knows???