Thursday, July 28, 2011

The wisdom of fairy tales

I love Tod Davies' mind ... she reminds me of the late Mary Daly ("whatever is the most disregarded and scorned thing in the culture is what you should look at"). In this book trailer she speaks of her mission as a publisher of Exterminating Angel Press.

Several exhilarating examples of adult interactions with fairy tales have wafted across the blogosphere lately. The first is from Simone Massoni's series 12 Famous Fairy Tales Deconstructed and the second from Christian Jackson's array of minimalist kids-book posters.

Here are three more of Jackson's brilliant graphic distillations.


  1. Wow! These Christian Jackson covers are phenomenal! I love everything about these. Great find, I'm gonna have to search him out.

  2. I think they're on flavorwire. A whole slew of them ... and you can order posters.

  3. I saw these on flavorwire - my favorite is Alice in Wonderland and Red Riding Hood. They are all wonderful and unique.