Sunday, August 21, 2011

Madonna, eat your heart out

I am recently enamored of several visually resplendent tomes from Taschen Publishers. Take Menu Design in America: 1850–1985, which reproduces in glorious color menu art ranging from chi-chi to classy to camp to questionable (taste, that is). As the Village Voice put it, "bills of fare get fair billing as works of art."

Traditionally the nexus of the bizarre, The Circus also has its eye-popping moments.

But then we only have to hark back to that wondrous decade The Fifties for spectacles like the following:
Madonna, eat your heart out!
Voodoo shorts?? Seriously??
If you'd like to peruse some other groovy Taschen titles—at a vastly reduced price—just click here! (Photo from 1000 Dogs, which the Village Voice called "the biggest and best of all the dog photo books out there.")
"Buh bye!"

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