Sunday, August 7, 2011

Warhol's juvenilia / Howard Pyle's 'Twilight Land'

In the late 1950s, Andy Warhol worked for Doubleday as a freelance artist, designing book covers and illustrating business books (yawn). He also contributed to the series Best in Children’s Books, including the one below.

Even more captivating are these sample pages from The Little Red Hen. Makes you wish he had done more!

If you love children's book illustration, take a gander at Twilight Land, a collection of intertwined tales by Howard Pyle, the father of American illustration. They were first published serially in Harper’s Young People and then gathered together in a book by Harper and Brothers in 1894. He dedicated them to his daughter Phoebe, who was eight.


  1. Those Warhol illustrations are fantastic!

  2. I love them so much I might have to frame them!