Monday, September 19, 2011

Oh no they didn't!

Fashion Week is always good for a few laughs. You really must view this Salon slide show (with captions) of more risible outfits. If this creation doesn't even look good on a model, can you imagine it on an ordinary person? The group on the right looks dead serious; the incredulous pair on the left look are on the verge of a guffaw.

Moving along to birds of a different feather, here's a video done by David Attenborough of the phenomenal lyre-bird, a complete special-effects department unto himself!

For more birding lore, click through to this page of our website. A lot of value for the beak; I mean buck.


  1. This amazing bird can imitate a camera shutter, a car siren, and a chainsaw--which indicates what most surrounds it, unfortunately. Don't let it hear the AFLAC duck!

  2. In another video it imitated the theme song from Seinfeld. Someone must have played it on their computer???