Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steichen's many facets

Guest Blog, by Judy Rolfe: Thoughts on Edward Steichen: Lives in Photography
One of my first exposures to Steichen was a documentary done towards the final years of his life. I was familiar with The Family of Man, but I discovered that Steichen's picture-making interests and enthusiasms were staggeringly diverse: portraiture, the nude, flower photography, fashion, dance, theatre, still life, landscape, and nature. He was a pioneer in bridging the gap between creative photography and editorial, illustrational, and other applied uses of photography. For more than half a century he was the most famous living photographer and a household name.

Brandow and Ewing would have you believe that this is "the" most complete bibliography and chronology of Steichen's life. They have certainly made a believer out of me! Now a key part of my photography book collection, Lives in Photography nestles in good company amongst other great figures in the history of taking pictures.
—Judy received her first camera from her parents at age 14 and has been shooting pictures ever since in locales ranging from all over the US to Central and South America, China, Indonesia, the Balkans, and West Africa. Her images not only reflect her peripatetic lifestyle but also the early influences of growing up on a farm and the Delaware Coast, where she developed a love for the ocean and its environs.


  1. Really like that you have a Pro Photographer reviewing these books!

  2. I would have to agree and very much look forward to future reviews.