Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday Monday, so good to me

As the week commences, I have collated a few vivid and minimally brain-taxing items to help us all get our attitudes adjusted and our creativity flowing. First up. from, is a rainbow-hued approach to the age-old issue of how to organize your books:

And for those who embrace a minimalist approach to space, check out these combo lamp/chairs, dubbed "The Poet" (yes, e-book readers, we know your device comes w/ its own light!):

Books and their covers are a never-ending source of interest to us at Daedalus, as they apparently are to several fabric artists we recently came across. Witness two of Jillian Tamaki's lovely embroidered images for the Penguin Threads Deluxe Classics editions.

Over in France, Olympia Le-Tan has turned her considerable artistry to replicating book covers on an assortment of handmade handbags. Très très belle (& très cher) .... but we can look for free!

Finally, we have a tiny contest: can anyone guess which American poet painted this?

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