Thursday, November 3, 2011

DIY bookends

From's "21 simple ideas for DIY bookends" come these three items: painted architectural flourishes; crochet gone wild; and bricks covered with fabric.

Having to improvise for so long, I have used and can recommend glassware with marbles or smooth stones; decorative tins filled with loose change or stones (ditto ceramics or pottery); and antique iron boot jacks. For instant decor, you can bang two pieces of scrap wood together, paint them, paste an art postcard on, and decoupage the whole shebang  (which I did in the 7th grade). Or you could troll around flea markets and yard sales for the perfect expression of your interests and personality, whether it be lions, tigers, or bears;

your favorite breed of dog or cat;

gargoyles; horses; ships; superheroes;

duck, duck, goose; or owls (familiar of Minerva, goddess of wisdom and of deep thinkers).

Any DIY ideas or favorite bookends to contribute?


  1. Fabric-covered bricks! What a wonderful idea. Also, though fantastic, we all know Batman couldn't hold his own against the Man of Steel (haha)! They'd topple over...

  2. I have Big Ben bookends and I love them! They are quite heavy and sadly I knocked one over when I was dusting and a little piece broke off, so I just keep that side hidden from view.

    I do love the idea of using bricks as bookends, homemade Christmas presents perhaps?

  3. I didn't think of that re Supie & his caped colleague ... pretty funny!

    Thrift + recycycling + creativity: gotta love it!

  4. My brother and sister in law are firefighter/emts.
    I found a pair of kids firemans boots and filled them halfway with leftover cement mix.
    Gave the boots/bookends to them for a birthday..they loved them.