Saturday, November 19, 2011

From A to Z

I find typography endlessly fascinating. A beautifully designed font can arouse in me an almost rapturous sense of well being, akin to viewing a fine painting. In creating alphabet sets, graphic artists such as Paul Thurby (above) delight with their playful reworkings of these core elements of communication.
A quick search of the Daedalus online catalogue reveals no fewer than seven items focused on alphabets, ranging from 100 display fonts to calligraphy to Hebrew letters and Christmas pop-up alphabets (below) to ruminations on cuisine by Alexandre Dumas. 
 The colored cards in Robert Sabuda's Christmas Alphabet open to reveal origami-like cutouts depicting each of the letters. All of them are white, except for W,  a stained glass window, and  X, which is illustrated with red and white candy canes.
Letter from the "Hebrew Alphabet" notecards
Do you have a font or display alphabet or alphabet book you particularly love?

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