Monday, December 5, 2011

Easy listening

By that I mean easy on the ears (as opposed to elevator dreck). In my capacity as music writer for Daedalus, I come across many praiseworthy CDs. I love to listen to music at work, but find it hard to listen to anything but certain types of instrumental music when  thinking or writing. Here's are several of my recommendations from our current list.
Ramsey Lewis: Songs From the Heart. I could play this many times in succession and not be "bovvered"; it's that good. Lewis has made more than 80 albums, yet he's still growing. Here's both a short and a long video of the making of the album that will give you a flavor of the music.

Solo guitar music by David Russell. Christopher Parkening used to be my go-to classical guitarist, but since I first heard Russell I can't get enough of him. Sure he doesn't have CP's movie-star looks, but his playing is pure gold. We have three CDs of his, with music from many countries and eras. If you haven't heard him yet, I urge you to indulge. Below is a wonderful "Tiny Desk Concert," taped live at the NPR studios.

Can you share some of your favorite music for working or relaxing?

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