Thursday, December 15, 2011

Found bookmarks

Kathleen Gerard, a blogger at Reading Between the Lines, was touting an intriguing new title the other day called Forgotten Bookmarks: "Used books and bookselling have been in Michael Popek's blood since he was a child....He shares an unusual collection of the things he's discovered tucked inside the pages of books, 'treasures within treasures... often untouched for decades.' The ephemera includes personal photographs, baseball and greeting cards, poems, shopping lists, recipes, invitations, report cards, burial vault information, razor blades, marijuana leaves and handwritten letters (received or unsent). Each bookmark specimen has been reproduced, as found, and displayed next to a picture of the original book where the discovery was made. In a scrapbook-like presentation, Popek takes the liberty of transcribing some illegible handwriting, but otherwise offers no commentary, preferring instead to let each relic and book exhibit speak for itself. This approach deepens reader fascination, heightening the intrigue of trying to determine the significance (if any) of the ephemera and book in combination."
I've found concert tickets and ancient budgets ... how about you? 
Upper left: German art nouveau bookmark; Right: bamboo bookmark from Nepal.

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  1. I found an origami lighthouse and an expired battery coupon. There was a frequent reader at the public library who would pencil in the words "sans valeur" (worthless) in more books than I think deserved it--but chacun a son gout!