Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ebert sounds off

Original lobby card. They don't make 'em like they used to!

In a recent post, film critic Roger Ebert writes about why he thinks movie theater revenues are falling dramatically. I totally agree with him re the cheesy choices and superiority of foreign films. As I expected, he cited the vast array of delivery choices now available as a huge factor. To his list of movie theater cons, I would add the blaring, eardrum-splitting sound and obnoxious, interminable commercials. Here's an excerpt:
5. Competition from other forms of delivery. Movies streaming over the internet are no longer a sci-fi fantasy. TV screens are growing larger and cheaper. Consumers are finding devices that easily play internet movies through TV sets. Netflix alone accounts for 30% of all internet traffic in the evening. That represents millions of moviegoers. They're simply not in a theater. This could be seen as an argument about why newspapers and their readers need movie critics more than ever; the number of choices can be baffling.
6. Lack of choice. Box-office tracking shows that the bright spot in 2011 was the performance of indie, foreign or documentary films. On many weekends, one or more of those titles captures first-place in per-screen average receipts. Yet most moviegoers outside large urban centers can't find those titles in their local gigantiplex. Instead, all the shopping center compounds seem to be showing the same few overhyped disappointments. Those films open with big ad campaigns, play a couple of weeks, and disappear.
The myth that small-town moviegoers don't like "art movies" is undercut by Netflix's viewing results; the third most popular movie on Dec. 28 on Netflix was "Certified Copy," by the Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami. You've heard of him? In fourth place--French director Alain Corneau's "Love Crime." In fifth, "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"--but the subtitled Swedish version.
The message I get is that Americans love the movies as much as ever. It's the theaters that are losing their charm. Proof: theaters thrive that police their audiences, show a variety of titles and emphasize value-added features. The rest of the industry can't depend forever on blockbusters to bail it out.
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What does it take to get you into a movie theater?


  1. How about the loud-talking miscreant rudely devouring a huge tub of popcorn and screaming at the screen between mouthfuls of milk duds? That person really torques my jaw, especially when the milk duds get stuck on my teeth....

    Watched "Drive" on pay-per-view, which proved to be solid entertainment. even without the milk duds.

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