Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Typewriters and the authors who loved them

Penguin Press's webpage featured this poster. Hey, couldn't they find one from Martha Gellhorn? How about Dorothy Parker, guys?
Dorothy Parker at work
[Addendum: An alert reader steered us to these shots of Agatha Christie, one of our (and most mystery readers') favorite authors.]

The works of Edgar Allen Poe are depicted in this sample from Flavorwire of fingernail painting in homage to favorite authors.

Well, it's less permanent than tattooing, and you have to admit it's eye-catching. Below, a good way for Harry Potter fans to remember their spells. Expecto patronum!

European hoopoe
Update on the Audubon rare book sale: the bidding peaked at $7.9 million at auction in New York City to a private American collector. Francis Wahlgren, Christie's international head of books and manuscripts, said this was the third-highest price ever paid for a printed book at auction.


  1. Wow! Harry Potter may have officially jumped the shark with that one:) Very precise work, though...

  2. The typewriter poster is well designed, although it does seem to be missing a section of the writing population.

  3. Love the nails! Wonder if they have anything for Jane Austen

  4. Nice way to pay homage to some of the industry's most prolific writers. The nails are certainly a unique way of doing so!

  5. How about Dorothy Parker, guys?... it does seem to be missing a section of the writing population.

    That is not really a poster but the cover of a magazine, which features an article called "Typewriters and the Men Who Loved Them." Presumably Dorothy (and Martha) did not pass the physical.

    Which doesn't mean, of course, that someone couldn't do such an article about the opposite sex. This place features a lot of cool typewriters, including those belonging to Agatha Christie and Margaret Mitchell.

  6. Thanks for the input ... I think I'll go back and add the photos of Christie!

  7. Agatha Christie, one of our (and most mystery readers') favorite authors....

    Dame Agatha is indeed Awesome with a capital A. Four billion copies sold lifetime, published in more than 100 languages! I read much of her work in the 60s and 70s, and have decided to start all over again — if you read one a week, it takes about a year and a half to get through her (pardon my French) oeuvre. I read 10 at the tail end of last year, and four so far in 2012, mostly starring the late, great Belgian detective with the famous moustache.

    p.s. Speaking of the 'all-time fiction author' (and selling books), this is kind of a crazy story about a more recent Christie record-breaking book.

  8. p.p.s. I see that this interesting typewriter/author photo gallery (7 women, 11 men) from last year is still online. It features an even wilder photo of Dame Agatha.

  9. rps - your stuff is so good! are you a blogger? I wrote a piece for Daedalus last year on the 10 best Christie novels; I'll dig it up and post it here.

    1. I just returned here and found your question. I do have a blog, but it mostly exists as a holding place for an atypical resume and a selected list of my published writings. Blogging to me usually seems like being a blockhead (in Samuel Johnson's famous words), but occasionally I can't help myself.

  10. You're right; that was an outstanding assemblage of writers at work. Besides the Christie, I love Angela Carter with the trash cans full of paper and Faulkner in shorts (being from the U of VA, I usually see pics of him in tweeds or on a horse). Patricia Highsmith was such a salty old dame!