Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Pixar animators do in their spare time

The first of five projected volumes from Scott Morse, Nate Wragg, Lou Romano, and Don Shank, 2007's The Ancient Book of Myth and War is now a collector's item, with the lowest price on Amazon being $179.99! Morse modeled his follow-up solo effort, The Ancient Book of Sex and Science, on the cover artwork of old science titles like the “How and Why Wonder Books.” (This is the missing volume from that series, as it were.) Copies are currently available for Sex and Science, which debuted in June of 2009, at the low low price of $125! The guys will continue to explore in book form themes they don't address in their regular work. Can't wait to see (and maybe snap up) the next one. Below are some images from the myth volume as well as artwork Morse did for October's Wonder Women Day.

Have a yen for vintage cartoons? We've got em! .... & as sex is a perennial pursuit of the human mind (and body), we have oodles of titles on the subject, so by all means, have a gander at them.

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