Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gillian Welch dips toe in psychedelia

Americana queen Gillian Welch, whose latest, Grammy-nominated CD is The Harrow and the Harvest, is now making a concert clincher of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit,"which you may have heard her perform live with David Rawlings on Fresh Air or Prairie Home Companion. It started off as a joke re the reverb on a sound check, but the crew liked it so much that the singer/songwriter has added it to her repertoire. Rawlings kills the intro!

There's no one quite like Welch, thank goodness (or her partner, for that matter). Rawlings "continues as America's most low-key guitar hero" wrote Rolling Stone in their review, "his sparkling lines and harmonies cling to Welch's rich vocals ...  like smoke plumes. The themes are often bleak: 'Some girls are blessed with a dark turn of mind,' Welch sings at one point, probably with a wink. But there's a light that never goes out on The Harrow & the Harvest. 'Hard times,' she insists on the song of the same name, 'ain't gonna rule my mind.'" Look for more of the BBC 4 sessions on youtube: the sound and picture are fantastic.

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  1. How bout Gillian's 'White Horses' rhythm section? She nails it.

    JP, Thanks for posting the song. The Rabbit is pretty amazing too.