Monday, February 27, 2012

Post-Oscar pensées

Well, anything on your mind to gripe or crow about? Let's hear it!
I used to watch the Oscars with such acute frustration during the foreign-language and short subject segments because the nominees looked so intriguing and I knew I had as much chance of seeing most of them as I did of having tea with Kate Hepburn. But channels of distribution have gotten progressively better, so that extraordinary films from every continent are literally at our fingertips. Exploring the resources of Daedalus's own listings of foreign-language films on DVD is always gratifying because they form such a robust component of my "to view" queue.
International films in stock that have won or been nominated for Oscars include Spanish auteur Pedro Almodóvar's Volver and All About My Mother; the late, great Akira Kurasawa's Rashomon; and the wonderful Czech film Divided We Fall. In case you're having post-Oscar letdown, these are films of real artistry and substance.
Almodóvar's films always have such a delightful range of roles for women
Divided We Fall: A darkly humorous exploration of character 
amidst the fear and privations of wartime


  1. Thanks for the forum to gripe!! In my opinion, "Tree of Life" towered above the rest. I think it was much too ambitious and divisive a film to be awarded. "Hugo" was also stellar...

  2. I think the Oscars are too predicable anymore and I've lost interest. I stayed up watching until about 10pm and found most of it to be boring. I did love the Cirque performance. I thought Octavia Spencer's speech was very moving. Christopher Plummer was classy as always and I was thrilled that he finally won an Oscar (seems hard to believe that was his first). I laughed hysterically at Will Farrell and Zach's little performance with the cymbals.

    I was bummed that I missed Meryl Streep's speech and will have to search for it online. She always gives fantastic speeches.

    My problem with the Oscars is that they want to be cutting edge, (like they aimed to be last year) but this year it was too old school for me. And they showed movie clips from films that came out years ago... it's like they are saying no current films are good enough. Which is an entirely other discussion.

  3. I agree with you, Christine, about the old movies ... kind of haphazard and lackluster. They could have used the time to say at least a sentence concerning what the nominees for best foreign film were about!!
    Meryl was a dear as always. The cymbals made me LOL too!
    WF, I'm looking forward to seeing Tree of Life ... Days of Heaven is one of my all-time favorite films. I just was dragged to Hugo & thought it was pretty great.

  4. I must say I really enjoyed The Oscars this year. Although I was rooting for The Help's Viola Davis for the best actress win. Meryl Streep's totes gave a great performance in The Iron Lady, and her acceptance speech was cute.

  5. I only enjoy the Oscars to see who everyone is wearing!! I was really rooting for The Help and did enjoy Octavia's speech!! I think this year was pretty low key compared to other years but I also would like to add that I loved seeing Sheila E on the drums !!!

  6. Oh, so that's who that was. Duh! She was a refreshing change from all the musical extravaganza/spectacles they used to do.