Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Spot on!

I love the spot paintings by Damien Hirst. What do you think? To me they have a sort of alluring power—the apotheosis of pure color, perhaps? Gagosian is currently showing them in 11 locations in 8 cities around the world. You can see more at this New York Times slideshow. At left, Ethyl Laurate, 2003; below, Phe-Tyr, 2004–11 (both household gloss on canvas; © Damien Hirst and Science Ltd. All rights reserved).

But wait... stop the presses! I'm just about to post this when I see a luscious post by art blogger Joanne Mattera about all of the other relatively unsung artists creating beauteous things with dots and probably not making the big bucks. Point taken!~

Stuart Davis, Factory by the Sea, 1932. Williams Collection.
Further reading/viewing from our current offerings: Adventures in Modern Art: The Charles K. Williams II Collection (above); and Michelangelo Pistoletto: From One to Many, 1956–1974. Below, one of the "mirror paintings" by pop-art/conceptualist trendsetter Pistoletto.


  1. spot painting= pretty cool,but i feel the Hirst painting could easily be replicated by anyone with a compass and a bit of paint.
    Damien Hirst= overrated

  2. I couldn't agree more on the Hirst pieces. In the tradition of Mondrian or Rothko, they're deceptively complex in their treatment of color.

  3. Thank you, Penny, for being uh, spot on. I thought I was looking at the color samples at Ace Hardware.

  4. Hirst is a businessman, not an artist... he has sold his soul. For quite a pretty penny, I imagine. Hirst was featured in Calvin Tomkins "Lives of the Artists", (which I picked up at Daedalus some time ago), and Tomkins treatment of him tempered my hatred - I can kind of respect his business acumen. But I still consider him a swindler, not an artist. (Tomkins could not redeem Jeff Koons for me at all, though!!!)