Saturday, February 18, 2012

"What will you give me for...."

Pawn shop traffic is on the upsurge as folks struggle with job loss, foreclosures, and other attendant economic woes. In her article A Brief History of the American Pawn Shop, Wendy Woolson went back in time to the quite rare records of a New York City establishment for August 21, 1838. The 130 pieces accepted that day included the following:
Did we have ha'pennies back then? If anyone knows what a "coffee box" is and why they were so pricey, please enlighten. Do you have any pawn stories to share? What do you think about the cable shows on the business? For some reason they make me queasy (probably because I put myself in the position of the person wanting the loan/sale). Copies of the James Christiansen's punning drawing above are available for purchase in many formats here.

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