Saturday, March 10, 2012

Bookmarks & bookplates for booklovers

At Daedalus, we think that bookmarks add a grace note to the reading experience. That's why we've commissioned a series of whimsically illustrated bookmarks to enclose with our orders. Below is a sampling ... feel free to download and print them for your own use (heavy stock is best). Click here for a pdf of all the bookmarks on one page (landscape format).
Ex libris
Pomegranate Press is reviving the art of the bookplate with a stunning assortment using fine art illustrations (by M.C. Escher, William Blake, Dard Hunter, et al.) Why not collect all 12


  1. William Blake was a visionary artist as well as poet. His artwork was way ahead of his time. I don't often put labels in my books, but I may make an exception for this.

  2. Love the bookmarks, especially the cubist one! Using it now. The series is highly collectible!