Saturday, March 3, 2012

LIFE in pictures

The Life magazine website has several cool slideshows, including "the best of 37 years in pictures." At left, professional dancers Willa Mae Ricker and Leon James demonstrate the Lindy Hop in the August 23, 1943 issue.
Another grouping chronicles artists painting and sculpting with nude models. Below, Model Doris Fischer takes a smoke break at the Art Institute of Chicago–affiliated school in Ox-Bow, Michigan, 1946. Quite bucolic!
Interested in vintage photography with a global perspective? Try Odysseys and Photographs: Four National Geographic Field Men. Below, India, 1948; photograph by Volkmar Wentzel.


  1. Le cigarette break sur l'herbe...chic!

  2. That painting popped into my mind too!

  3. I love vintage photographs. It is just something about that brings raw emotions!