Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lobby cards from classic films

Colorful, 11 by 14 placards placed in the lobbies of movie palaces of the past to announce coming attractions, lobby cards can be collected either physically or virtually as a means of treasuring your favorite actors and the vintage films in which they starred. These mini-posters are meant to be striking, and they are! Below is a Mexican lobby card for Casablanca and another for The Maltese Falcon. (We have a socko selection of classics in our DVD section, with all sorts of outtakes, deleted scenes, documentaries, and special collections, so don't miss out—they go fast). Scroll down for more beauties, and let us know your favorites.
Garbo was often filmed as the instigator in passionate situations; we have her in Grand Hotel.
They don't get more classic than this ~ Very spooky & effective! One copy I saw sold for a mere $6K
I saw this one on TCM & loved it. Chaney does many parts & voices, including that of the little tough guy who is dressed as a baby at one point and sports a cigar.
Two fun people you'd definitely like to be friends with.
Never, never mess with Bette Davis!
 Finally, here are some memorable images from the original and a later release of The Wizard of Oz.


  1. The Wizard of Oz cards are my favorite! I wish they still did this for films today. I'd love ones with Harry Potter!

  2. I totally agree. The Wizard of Oz cards are fantastic. What a labor of love they were. I'd love to see them return. "The Artist" would be a wealth of ideas...

  3. Love all of these!!!!! The Dracula lobby card has to be my favorite! super spooky and awesome!!!

  4. Pembley PentangleMarch 14, 2012 at 5:01 PM

    Yes, I agree, Tastes.. Out of this selection, the Dracula is my favorite also. Here is an amazing vintage lobby card for the movie "From Hell It Came":

    You've gotta love the written hook on that card! I do!

    1. O.M.G.! It has everything. As far as the hook, that's the kind of copywriting I can get behind!

  5. These are super COOL!!! Gives me great ideas!!!

  6. These are incredible! The Technicolor feel on the Wizard of Oz cards adds an extra sense of nostalgia.

  7. I agree, I love the Wizard of Oz cards! I really like the Thin Man one too...I never would have guessed that movie was made in the 1930s. It looks so recent!

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