Monday, March 26, 2012

Oddball inventions

Brain Pickings discovered this trove of weirdly cool vintage photos at Holland’s Nationaal Archief.
These boisterous bathing beauties sport suits made of buoyant wood.
A very complacent bondage club? Victims of a balloon clown's ministrations? Au contraire, it's bicycle tires used (rather indelicately) as a swimming aid.
Blast out the Toccata in D major from the comfort of your own recumbent piano bed!
Portable bridge. Would have come in handy at the River Kwai.
Stock market analysts in training? Small fry peruse a 1938 faxed newspaper.
They look like sci-fi death rays, but they're really anti-snow masks. Right, electrically warmed jacket. My Irish cop forbears would have loved this!
We know babies can be smelly, but jeez! (wartime stroller)
A portable radio meant to lull an infant. Those kids look suspiciously fake though. She just wants to read all day with no social repercussions. Don't we all?


  1. Wow!! This is some bizarre stuff. Anti-snow masks?! So that's what Madonna was wearing!!! Had no idea they were so practical, haha...

  2. ANTI-SNOW MASKS, love them!!! I would have probably have marketed them as 'Fashionable Face Snow Cones!!!'