Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day 2012

10 ways to celebrate the 42nd Earth Day
  1. Go outside: for a walk, hike, bike ride; sit on a bench & watch the birds; putter in the garden; say hey to the neighbors
  2. Change to energy-efficient light bulbs, change air filters, wash windows
  3. Revel in an episode of Planet Earth
  4. Get some perspective: make a date to visit an observatory
  5. Contemplate the macro and the micro with The Big Picture's fabulous array of nature photos, images of environmental abuse, and shots of innovative ways to use alternative energy.
  6. Expand your culinary horizons with Edible: An Illustrated Guide to the World's Food Plants
  7. Discover the thrills of avian sleuthing: 100 Birds to See Before You Die: The Ultimate Wish List for Birders Everywhere
  8. Join or create a community garden
  9. Look deeper into growing (or raising) your own food and hone other homesteading skills with the many books that have exploded on the market in these recessionary times. (Scroll down the page of the link to see what I mean!)
  10. Make or buy a rain barrel and a composter. Dig it!
"A Japanese snow monkey [I call him 'Ojichan'] relaxes in a hot spring in the Jigokudani valley in northern Nagano Prefecture, Japan on Feb 10, 2012. The macaques descend from the forests to the warm waters of the hot springs in the mornings, and return to the security of the forests in the evenings." (Nick Ut/Associated Press)


  1. Who knew I inadvertently celebrated with a washed out hike and a matinee of "Chimpanzee." Utterly breathtaking film...

  2. I want to see that ... is it in a theater or on dvd?

  3. I've heard great things about Chimpanzee...I celebrated with "Frozen Planet"

  4. These are some great Earth Day Tips!!!!