Monday, April 2, 2012

"Here's looking at you, map"

 Christoph Niemann, who does the "Abstract Sunday" feature in the New York Times, came up with this graphic rendition of one of the most famous lines in Casablanca. Here are a few more samples of his visual wit.

Witness the perils of character-recognition software (from the Gramophone website): "Farrell is in fine voice both here and in the Goiterddmmerung excerpt." Damn those goiters! (Don't miss Farrell in Brünhilde's "Immolation Scene" from Götterdämmerung, on one of our many newly acquired vintage classical recordings.)
For another amusing tidbit to lighten your Monday, view this short take on the future from the past:
My favorite line: ''Ooh, swish!" In addition to hair extensions, they even foresaw global warming: "an electric belt will adapt the body to climatic changes." The lone man in the lineup looks like a renegade from Flash Gordon!
I'll leave you with Exhibit A as to why we will always need copyeditors: "The Belmont Lofts were constructed at that same time, adding density and metropolitan sheik to the hub." New HBO sitcom: Sheiks in the City?


  1. I'm a newcomer to Neimann. These are great! I've always wondered how many gin joints he'd been to...

  2. They actually got a couple of things right! We carry with us a phone and a radio, (though much less bulky), and skirts, while not disappearing, have become scarcer-- at least on the ladies I see on the streets of New York. (There is a occasional sheik).