Monday, April 23, 2012

How the world sees us

A post the other day on adolescent girls and their crushes on adult men led me to a perusal of the posters for The World of Henry Orient. (BTW, the screenplay was adapted by Nunnally Johnson from a 1958 book written by his daughter Nora when she was only 25 years old, and first editions are very pricey—$100 to $500.) Anyway, I had a laugh over how the title transmogrified across Europe. The French ("Two Pals, One Seducer") and Spanish ("Two Girls, One Seducer & "The Irresistible Henry Orient") bypass the point that it's the girls who harass the hapless Henry, while the Polish (?) one pinpoints it in a highly creative fashion.
These are some additional humorous titles that surface fairly frequently on the web; real names appear after the jump.
1. If You Leave Me, I Delete You (hint: it's not about Facebook)
2. The Jungle Died Laughing
3. Urban Neurotic/Two Extra Lovers
4. His Great Device Makes Him Famous
5. Vaseline
6. Six Naked Pigs
7. Mr Cat Poop
8. The Big Liar
9. Cuckoo
10. I'm Drunk and You're a Prostitute
1. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Italy)
2. George of the Jungle (Israel)
3. Annie Hall (Germany/Spain)
4. Boogie Nights (China)
5. Grease (Argentina)
6. The Full Monty (China)
7. As Good As It Gets (China)
8. Nixon (China, poetic license?)
9. Girl, Interrupted (Germany)
10. Leaving Las Vegas (The Japanese do not mince words.)
If you like this Woody Allen classic, try Midnight in Paris; we also have several books about this supreme nebbish/"urban neurotic." Finally, here's an extended piece of prose I'm sure you'll enjoy.
This translator just gave up and let his/her imagination run wild. Every crimefighter needs a basement under their villa, capiche? And who knew that Spiderman was Batman's secret identity!


  1. I love the additional titles you provided in this post, my favorite has to be "I'm Drunk and You're a Prostitute"

  2. Oh man these are funny. Although the Spanish poster for Henry Orient kind of scares me a little bit...

  3. I had a laugh looking at the blu ray for Jaws yesterday. The bilingual French title translates as Teeth of the Sea. Literally true but lacks the impact.