Saturday, June 30, 2012

Five offbeat finds

1. Kirsty Mitchell's "Wonderland" series pays homage to her charismatic English-teacher mother who died of a brain tumor. More here.
2. The Romans typically painted their marble statues, so the austere aspect of the ones that have come down to us are misleading. The Digital Sculpture Project of the Virtual World Heritage Laboratory digitally replicated and colored this statue of the creepy emperor Caligula according to analysis of traces of paint. The AD 38-40 original belongs to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, VA.
3. The first sequence above shows footage of Annie Oakley taken by Edison, while the second is a re-enactment from PBS with cool photos (and the obligatory talking heads).
4. For eco-friendly, fair-trade shopping online, bookmark Ethical Ocean, a "social boutique with ethical goods from around the globe."
5. This cartoon is called "Winnie the Pooh and a Day of Concerns." So it's true the Russians are prone to melancholia!

How do you rank this vis à vis Disney and Milne? In any event, do check out our Winnie the Pooh gift box and cookbook!
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  1. Nice makeup job on a surprisingly ordinary-looking Caligula. He seems ready to join the Caesars Palace revue!
    Pardon the limp humor; it's the heat. Did your power go out, too?

  2. No, I feel so incredibly lucky. Half the people in town are without. Humor apropos!