Sunday, July 22, 2012

Studio on Fire

I almost wore these colors together yesterday (turquoise linen pants/red t-shirt) before deciding it was too much. Now having seen this piece by Studio on Fire, I am emboldened. (Quote by Jimi Hendrix.)
English: Engraving of printer using the early ...Early Gutenberg letterpress, 15th century. "Our daily mission is create premier work featuring best-in-class print design, letterpress printing and specialty finishing methods. Since our shop was born over a decade ago (starting with a single press in a home basement set between the boiler and the litter box), we’ve acquired over a dozen well-oiled vintage presses and are staffed with hardworking people dedicated to the craft of exceptional print production. Now our well-crafted print collaborations with clients around the world make our work distinctive to see and delightful to touch."

The quote below is a Chinese proverb that reads “You cannot prevent the birds of sadness from passing over your head, but you can prevent their making a nest in your hair.”


  1. Beautiful prints. So much time and energy goes into a print. The process makes printing an incredible thing.

  2. Agreed, Hambone. Beautiful prints, and beautiful proverbs to go along with. I'm an instant fan of the Studio on Fire. <3