Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Ella and her fella

The Library of Congress's collection of work by jazz photographer William P. Gottlieb includes this 1947 shot of a blissed-out Dizzy Gillespie listening to the First Lady of Song. All 1,600 of Gottlieb's images (many of which appeared in Down Beat) are in the public domain and are available for download. I have selected and tweaked some of the best featuring women for you Daily Glean jazz fans. (Tomorrow, the men!)
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Lady Day sings the blues
Pianist/composer Mary Lou Williams, CBS studio, New York, N.Y., ca. Apr. 1947
Doris Day at the Aquarium, New York City., ca. July 1946. So young!!
Day with Les Brown
Lena Horne, getting it just right as always, in the recording studio
Comedian Imogene Coca, Mary Lou Williams, and jazz singer Ann Hathaway, between 1938 and 1948


  1. Dizzy's expression says it all!! What a great moment to capture. He's enthralled, as he should be:)

  2. Wow Doris Day was only 22 when those photo's were taken!!!

  3. I'm harboring a new found love of jazz music...

  4. Love the Doris Day photos. We forget sometimes about her big band time.

  5. That Dizzy listening to Ella shot is an interesting variation of the better known Herman Leonard photo of Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman also listening to her raptly.