Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fall book bargains: wish list

You may have seen The Huffington Post's article on the 50 top "must-reads" in the fall book lineup. If, like me, you're not rushing to pay full price for these new titles—enticing as they may be—you'll be glad to know we offer several of them at a discount, as well as bargain backlist suggestions by the same authors. Here's the crossover between the Huff Post list and ours.
Cover of 1st edition
  1. Sherman Alexie's short story collection Blasphemy (check out his award-winning YA novel The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian)
  2. Zadie Smith's NW (we have this, at a big discount, as well as Changing My Mind, Occasional Essays)
  3. David Byrne's How Music Works (we have a tie-in: cool music by Byrne and others on his Luaka Bop label)
  4. Junot Diaz's This Is How You Lose Her (Diaz is hot, hot, hot right now, so we have this book at a steep discount, as well as his previous novel, The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, at nearly half price.)
  5. Salman's Rushdie's engrossing account of living under a fatwa, Joseph Anton, was excerpted in The New Yorker; his Luka and the Fire of Life is a tale that will appeal to kids and grownups alike.
  6. T. C. Boyle's San Miguel is the latest by a master storyteller, and we have it at $11 off list price.
  7. David Foster Wallace's Both Flesh and Not (we have The Pale King both in paperback and hardback—and the latter is cheaper. Go figure.)
  8. J. K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy (will $15 off tempt you?)
  9. Stephen Colbert's America Again (cf. I Am a Pole, And So Can You); described by the author as "some of the greatest hyperbole ever written in the history of mankind."
  10. Michael Chabon's Telegraph Avenue (old vinyl? we're there!)
  11. Chinua Achebe's There Was a Country (a new memoir by the author of the groundbreaking novel Things Fall Apart)
  12. Letters, by Kurt Vonnegut (we're carrying the classic Slaughterhouse Five and an audiobook of stories)
  13. Neil Young's Waging Heavy Peace (subtitled "A Hippie Dream," this memoir is a perfect complement to his new CD, Americana)
  14. Alice Munro's Dear Life (the latest from a New Yorker regular and a peerless proponent of the short story genre; sample The View from Castle Rock to see what we mean)
  15. Philip Pullman's Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm: A New English Version (we couldn't be more excited about this; you can prep your small fry with The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs)
  16. Roberto BolaƱo's Woes of the True Policeman (The Skating Rink is a great intro to the work of the late Chilean author)
  17. Barbara Kingsolver's Flight Behavior (if you haven't read The Poisonwood Bible, you absolutely must!)
So what's on your wish list this fall?


  1. Janet
    I really dig the Huffington Post; the site's one of my favorites ... My Fav? I'm posting to it right now
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    1. I am gobsmacked by your august favor!

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    1. One of our great Daedalus graphic designers. I will check.