Monday, October 1, 2012

Caption contest No. 1: we have a winner

As is abundantly clear from the voting, the overriding favorite caption in our first contest appears below:
"It's a note from the doctor, dear, confirming I have a headache until further notice."
Now this clever wordsmith needs to contact us at --> to claim his or her prize~
We admit to being a tad inspired by the monthly contests held by vintage ad satire mogul Anne Taintor. Below are several recent winners; you can see an archive with runners-up here.
This one is actually quite painful, as my current home state of Virginia has benightedly ruled that parents of homeschooled children do not have to provide any progress reports or measurements of academic success whatsoever to the state.


  1. Congrats to the winner!! We have some uber-clever folks that follow the Glean. Cheers:)

  2. CONGRATS to the contest winner. Love the shout out to Anne Taintor, her work is a laugh riot.