Thursday, October 18, 2012

Daedalus's emissary to New York Comic Con

 Although sadly, she didn't appear to have dressed up as a favorite character, Daedalus's Amy Dill joined more than 100,000 fans at New York's Javits Center last Friday for "Comic Con" a wild and wacky three-day celebration of characters from comics, video games, graphic novels, anime, toys, movies, and tv. Want to express your inner Iron Man or Wonder Woman? Comic Con is the place for you! Here is Amy's report.
This was my first comic con, and while I thought I was prepared for the crowds and the craziness that awaited, I quickly realized that nothing could have prepared me for the experience.
With Loki
First off, there are autograph and photo op sessions galore, with entertainment, comic, literary, and anime guests, tons of panels, and a huge showroom floor where you can pretty much find anything your nerd heart desires. My friend Drea Torgerson and I were overwhelmed the moment we arrived. The place was packed, and at times it was difficult to even move around. Once we got over the initial madness, we started having a great time – taking photos with cosplayers (a.k.a. costume play), admiring the artwork, checking out all the cool stuff the vendors were selling, and attending panels.
The Q&A with Sean Astin (The Goonies, Rudy, Lord of the Rings) was fantastic. When Sean walked into the room he said he was humbled that so many people showed up. It was wonderful to hear him share stories about the Lord of the Rings trilogy, including that he had to acquire a British accent in a week for his audition. He also talked about making The Goonies (and namechecked his Mom, Patty Duke, who accidentally threw out the memorabilia he had saved from the film). Sean told us his that the favorite film he’s acted in is The Colour of Magic (adapted from Terry Pratchett’s book), and shared his admiration for the author. To our surprise, Sir Terry Pratchett arrived as his special guest, and stayed for the rest of the panel!
Alice in Wonderland characters, steampunk versions
With the Joker & Poison Ivy
A very sweet Spidey
We also attended an event with the incredible Guillermo del Toro, who showed us an awesome trailer for Pacific Rim (which doesn’t come out until next summer—and the trailer won’t be shown in theaters until this December). I also saw the pilot for The Following (a new psychological thriller that airs in January), which definitely left me wanting to see more. At the subsequent autograph session with the cast, we encountered James Purefoy and Kevin Bacon. (Now I’m one degree from Kevin Bacon!!)
One of the big attractions at Comic Con was The Walking Dead cast, who did a panel on Saturday. When we got the convention center, they had a Winnebago and a guy that looked a lot like the character of Dale, sitting on top with binoculars. To make it even better they had zombies roaming around the parking lot in full makeup/costumes.
My favorite part of the convention was people watching and taking pictures of the cosplayers. You could tell that so many had put a lot of time and effort into their costumes. Drea and I had so much fun chasing down Captain America, The Ghostbusters, X-Men, Bane, Batman, etc. to ask them for photos. For an decidedly entertaining experience, I highly recommend checking out a comic con in your part of the country!
Drea with Hawkeye & Black Widow


  1. This looks awesome!! I actually met Sean Astin once in a coffee shop and, you're right, he's really cool! I guess this makes us "Gleaners" only 2 degrees away from Bacon?!!

  2. Wow New York's Comic Con looks like it was a blast, Especially The Walking Dead panel!!!!

  3. Ya, the Walking Dead stuff with all the zombies roaming around sounds awesome-- like being on the set!! :-)

    And that is one nice Spider-Man cosplayer you've got pictured so many times.. wondering if those are his real abs or foam-rubber-falsies...

    1. The Spider-Man cosplayer was great. He was very interactive with the kids and even took pictures of two other cosplayers, saying "I do know how to take good photos." *wink, wink*

  4. My boyfriend is a HUGE comic fan! He's always wanted to attend a Comic Com and I would LOVE to take day, he would be in heaven. I've seen pictures of different ones, they are pretty awesome and look like SO much fun! I definitely need to do some research on locations and dates! Your blog gave me more motivation.

  5. Very cool indeed
    Alec Baldwin was an amazing though vastly underrated Shadow from a 90s flick

    1. I'll have to revisit that ... I love her to death, but I wish Mom hadn't thrown your Shadow comics away!!!!!