Friday, October 26, 2012

Intriguing German fairy tale illustrations

These illustrated initials come from a 1919 edition of Deutsche Märchen seit Grimm (German Fairytales since Grimm). It's hard for me to make out what the letters are, but the illustrations are cool! An online copy of the book can be found at the Internet Archive, courtesy of the University of Connecticut Libraries. (Hallelujah for digitization!) I love the kid on the rooster and the flying Cupid, and I think I found a "J" on the windmill. How about you?
Looking for alphabet books? Click here for ones featuring Curious George and Fairies in the Garden. 


  1. I took a look at those tales, with the smattering of knowledge I have of German, and no, that is not a J, but an I.
    The opening phrase reads "In einem Dorfe," which means "in a village."
    Most of the letters, that look like S's, are E's, and begin the phrase "es war einmal", the equivalent of "once upon a time."
    I regret I don't know more of the language; I'm curious about Der Zaubertopf, or Magic Pot, that is the title of the story.

  2. I love the illustrations, I especially love the one of the guy posing carrying what looks like a lantern!!!

  3. I like the picture of the man kneeling and the angel flying to least that's what it looks like to me.

  4. These are really interesting! I would have to say my favorite is the woman laying down with the deer with the heron (?) flying over her, on the bottom right.

  5. That one with huge face is pretty creepy. Then again, most fairy tales freak me out.