Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pre-Halloween goodies

TV Guide Canada #230
TV Guide Canada #230 (Photo credit: trainman74)
My countdown to All-Hallows Eve begins with two highlights from one of the funniest shows ever to hit the airwaves: Canada's SCTV. Even when it was on re-runs at 1 a.m., I rarely missed it. The first is Joe Flaherty's turn as the host of "Monster Chiller Horror Theater." Like the fantastic Catherine O'Hara, who stars in the Ingmar Bergman parody, he just tickles my funny bone no end!

Rick Moranis and John Candy were two more comic geniuses who contributed to the hilarity at SCTV.  You can sample their later work in Little Shop of Horrors. "Scary!"
If you've got more time for video viewing, Flavorwire has some swell Halloween cartoons, starting with Disney's Skeleton Dance and Lonesome Ghosts, featuring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy. (Take that back: Disney has already blocked #2. They are so not fun.)


  1. Got milk? Got meat? Got veggies?
    Got an extra chair? (never mind, I'll bring one.)
    Better check those loose hatches, a loud and messy guest is coming uninvited.
    Oh no, not me. Sandy..such a sweet name.
    I'll watch the video during the storm if the power holds.
    Here's hoping we shall all be warm, dry and good babies, after it's blown over.
    Mazeltov a tous!

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    1. When you live in an apartment building, the super has a greater effect on your living conditions than God himself.
      All mass transit is shut down, and it is impossible to get a taxi, so Papa Bloomberg says stay inside, and we do.
      The pigeons are still on the terrace, serene or bored (difficult to tell) so I doubt that even the worst of the storm will disturb them or us.
      Are you having more trouble south of here?
      If the roof caves in, I'll report back.

    2. I'm way farther south than usual, in --dare I say it--sunny Florida! Where are the mess has passed us over. The waves were pretty awesome at the beach previously though!