Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Stalking the felis cattus in vintage children's books

What a sweet graphic!
The blog Monday on cat facts got me started on one of my favorite obsessions, vintage children's books. So, continuing the feline theme, here's a gallery of images, both playful and beauteous.
A great deal of catnip obviously preceded this frenzied playdate... 
Pretty in Pink and LIttle Boy Blue are particularly affected.
I'll take romance!
This resplendent fellow leaves one agog! 
He was created by British-American illustrator Eulalie Banks
Russian kitty has your number—and a mighty fine bow.
"No one messes with my babies!" (From Horatio by Eleanor Clymer, illustrated by Robert Quackenbush)
"Hello, my name is Ittty Bitty Pretty Kitty; what's yours??"
Finally, here are two cool photos depicting human–cat connectivity:
It's not just dogs and their owners who resemble each other!
"Love amidst the ruins"—a LIFE magazine shot of a disaster area.

The National Geographic is the gold standard in photography, so if you like these, have a look at the treasurable collection National Geographic Cat Shots. (The puss at left gives it one paw up.) The text is by Michele Slung, a very intelligent writer whom I can vouch for personally and who knows a heck of a lot about books, as well as cats.
In other breaking cat news, I did not know about The Cats of Copenhagen (a posthumously published short story by James Joyce, written in 1936 for his grandson) until I happened to click on our main page. Just goes to show that you'll never know what serendipitous finds await when you browse the Daedalus Books website!


  1. Silly Hans might actually be the best thing ever.

  2. I grew up with dogs but about a little over five years ago, I got my Russian Blue, his name is Henry Michael and he is the smartest coolest animal I ever met. He plays fetch and gives kisses on the nose. I love cats because of him!!!!! ps. the feline/human resemblance photo, the cat is sooooo cute!!!!!

  3. I've never had a cat, but if I did, I'd want it to be terrifyingly over-sized like the one on Silly Hans. That'll give me nightmares!!

    1. Mutant cats ... the new internet meme!

    2. When I was a student at NYU, the Waverly Place theater had 2 huge cats, one gray and one orange tabby, who would sit on stage with their backs to the screen, eyeballing the audience like undercover cops. They were the size of a German shepherd, but the orange was sociable enough to permit petting of its curly coat.
      The cats were there to cure a rat problem as outsized as they were.

    3. What a vivid scene you've conjured up. (They must be cousins of the outsized white cat engaging with the leiderhosened lad.)

  4. OMG Silly Hans! that is too much! That cat he's with looks a little crazy! I wish my cat would dance with me.
    On a relate note, i was just introduced to this website and I have to share it with you!!