Monday, December 17, 2012

Fun with Santa: Holiday caption contest #1 continues

My poor Santa image is not sparking many humorous captions. We need more entrants willing to put their funnybone on the line for a chance to pick the free 2013 calendar or engagement book of their choice from our website! Below are some quips of mine to help get your synapses firing. When that happens, e-mail your entry asap to!
  •  "Curse you, Clement Moore!"
  • "Oh Donder, why couldn't I have been an Easter myth?"
  • "I hope to God they're not teetotal."
  • "You lot look sharp while I case the joint."
  • "Sigh ... no more Ding Dongs and Twinkies for us Blitzen."
  • "I knew I should have bought into that custom igloo startup."
  • "This is the down side of seasonal work."
  • "The Missus was right; I should have stayed local."
  • "Eartha Kitt crooning 'Santa Baby' it's not."


  1. "HO HO hgh hgh hgh"
    "Maybe you should leave the smoking to the chimneys, Santa"

  2. All right, I'll give it up:

    "My Pilates instructor told me there'd be nights like this!"

    1. I assume everyone has e-mailed their witticisms instead of posting them.
      Christmas anxiety has struck and we need a laugh!
      Please be generous and share your jokes with us.
      Santa will not put coals down your socks--he has a sense of humor...I think.

  3. "All things considered, I'd rather be in Miami Beach."

  4. "The last time I slid down a hole this small, turned out to be an AC duct."

  5. Santa: "Blitzen, it looks like we're in trouble, here!"
    Blitzen: "What do you mean, WE, white man?"

  6. O would not want to be an Easter myth. The crown of thorns, Calvary, the Last Supper--and that's the LAST, you jolly tub of Jell-O.
    As to the picture..hmm..

    "Time I learned to delegate..Dancer, go fetch me an elf!"

  7. "Doorbells are for the Avon lady!"

  8. -Eeny, meeny, miney, moe
    Which side will my body go?