Thursday, December 20, 2012

Wonders of nature and the season

photo by Michael "Nick" Nichols
This snow-dusted giant sequoia from California's Sierra Nevada has pride of place in National Geographic magazine's roundup of best photos of 2012. Can you see the humble human being at the top? Called the President, the 3,200-year-old elder rises 247 feet and was around when Pharaohs walked the earth.
If you're an app person, try the latest version of their National Geographic Birds: Field Guide to North America. Besides being able to identify mystery birds quickly, you can add your own photos and create "life lists." Or if you're a non-tech-savvy person who prefers birding books (yay!) Daedalus has just the titles for you.
'Tis the season for holiday cards, and I just couldn't resist sharing some retro samples with you. Does the Baby J below look weird or what? (He's ready for His closeup!)
"Oh Lord, please let him get into a good preschool!"


  1. Hail to the Chief!

  2. J.C. went a little heavy on the lipstick, methinks:)

  3. It appears as if the angels and Jesus have mega kool-aid moustaches

  4. How did he get up there--on top of the tree, I mean?