Friday, December 7, 2012

Yours for the plucking: print and digital images of birds by Georges-Louis Leclerc

Whether from an art or an ornithological standpoint, the images in Birds are pretty spectacular. It's subtitle is "adapted from Georges-Louis Leclerc, Compte de Buffon's Histoire naturelle," and the bonus DVD makes it easy to use them in graphics projects. The names can be quite picturesque in French, so I've added them in both languages for this mini-sampler.
La Gelignotte Du Canada/Canada grouse. (Looks like it's wearing a little furry cape.)
Le Hocco/Curassow (love the hairdo)

Bird of paradise
Bird of paradise, "Le superbe"

Le Silifet/Western parotia (this bird is ready for Mardi gras!)

Le Huppe-col/Tufted coquette

Le Kakatoes à Huppe Rouge/Salmon-crested cockatoo

Le Lori Cramoisi/Electus parrot

Maipouri/Black-headed parrot

Le Petit Pic Rayé De Cayenne/Hispaniolan woodpecker

Le Toco

La Demoiselle De Numidie/Demoiselle crane (quite fetching)

Le Combattant/Ruff (male); reese (female)

Le Caurale/Sun bittern
Le Faisan Doré/Golden pheasant. (A bit of an Egyptian headdress motif.)


  1. The demoiselle crane epitomizes elegance, does it not?

  2. Wow, these birds are the Copa showgirls--uh, showboys (colorful ones are usually males) of the natural world!
    I saw a Western parotia dance on YouTube:

    1. Whoops! Sorry! (It's worth the click and drag)

    2. It's amazing to think that the Comte de Buffon could document all these species from all over the Old and New Worlds, around the time of the American Revolution.
      Given the difficulty of travel, the collection at the Jardin du Roi, where he was director, must have been unique.
      He also did landmark work in probability theory.
      Thank you for the fascinating post.

    3. Love it! (the dance). I saw that entire program once.

    4. That bird looks like a flasher in a dark raincoat. Aagh!