Monday, January 14, 2013

Downton Dish: Season 3, Episode 2

"I say, Mrs Crawley, ....?"
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In a creaky, hoary plot twist, Sir Anthony does a variation on Jane Eyre and recuses himself at the altar. Is Edith well shot of this indecisive weirdo? Will she help Mrs C with the prostitutes now that she's been deprived of marital bliss and, as a spinster, has to come down to breakfast?
Poor Edith. Although at least she got to mess up her hair for once and we got a glimpse of how beautiful actress Laura Carmichael is in real life. (It's actually a measure of how good she is that we think of Edith as The Plain One at all.) —The Guardian
"The Wedding That Wasn't Meant to Be"
In a second head-scratching sequence, Matthew remains prissily obdurate in even reading a letter regarding funds from Lavinia's pa because he impulsively kissed Lady Mary whilst belatedly realizing she was THE ONE (and immediately feeling the agenbite of inwit*). The poor gentleman drove all the way to Yorkshire from London to deliver the letter too (why?). Bully for Mary for stepping in and reading it, because there was more sparring and spatting that lovey doving in the bedroom for these two newlyweds!

Other highlights: Carson is singing doo dah day because Mrs Hughes is OK. Cora is her usual somewhat petulant self as she reprimands O'Brien for someone else spreading a rumor about her jumping ship, but she redeems herself by offering a permanent haven for Mrs. Hughes should she get a "prognosis negative."** Those loveable cartoon adversaries O'Brien and Thomas have malice aforethought up their sleeves, so stay tuned!
Bates is in the prison yard, marching in a circle with "No Talking"! (historically accurate, according to The Chronicles of Downton). Mrs B is also going in circles in her sleuthing attempts to clear and spring him. But we have faith Anna will prevail, because she certainly does.
Oh yes, Downton is saved!! The family doesn't have to relocate to ratty old Downton Place. "You do realize for most people it looks like a fairy palace" remarks populist reality checker Branson at the picnic the family goes on to scope it out. "We still own most of the village," Lord G consoles himself with stiff upper lip before Matthew breaks the good news. Favorite line of the outing: "Aren't you a wild thing!" says Granny Vi to Mrs Crawley as she professes to occasionally riding next to the chauffeur.
Were you craving Mrs Padmore's wedding feast fare of lobster mousseline, oysters à la russe, champagne-basted asparagus, Calvados-glazed duck, and truffle crostini?
*remorse of conscience
**from Dark Victory, another groovy melodrama!
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  1. Oops! I think "prognosis negative" is from 'Dark Victory", the Bette Davis flick in which she was terminally ill.

    1. Brain spasm! I will correct. Was just watching the final scene in which she crawls into bed on TCM the other day.

  2. I felt as though they tied up an awful lot of plot threads in episode 2. What will they do for excitement in episode 3 ?

    1. I so agree. Seems like they started some plot threads that fizzled out.

  3. Captions Welcome!

    For some reason, that photo immediately made me think of "That’s the second biggest silencer I’ve ever seen." (Long live Maxwell Smart.)

  4. Ha! Love the dish!