Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's weirdness & caption contest results

Oh dear, this antique greeting is bizarre and questionable in so many ways, the least of which includes the misuse of "fraught." He looks like a mini Mme Pompadour! I eagerly await your thoughts/captions.
And speaking of captions, here are the results of our Holiday Contest No. 1:
"Time I learned to delegate… Dancer, go fetch me an elf!"  14 (41%) Anonymous
"Seriously Prancer?  With all of our technological advances, we have yet to invent a better way for me to do this!?"  11 (32%) Michele Zehr
"All things considered, I'd rather be in Miami Beach." 5 (14%) City Cat
Santa: "Blitzen, it looks like we're in trouble, here!" Blitzen: "What do you mean, WE, white man?" 4 (11%)  Bettina

Rupert, the Very Gay Reindeer, says congrats!
Thanks to all who contributed decidedly humorous captions that did not make the final four picked for mass voting by our ad hoc committee of Daedalus Books employees. I am going to have to get better at this contest thing, because I said no entries that were not sent via e-mail with name and address, yet I let one in because it was funny— and darned if it didn't win! But because I have no way of getting in touch with Anonymous, they will have to enjoy the glory of victory sans prize. So the choice of 2013 calendar will go to Michele Zehr. Yay!


  1. Is this how Liberace got started?

    Congrats to Michele! (Though I do wish I could draw the next panel to Anonymous's caption--a trembling elf on the end of a rope being lowered by Santa, who's saying, "And don't forget to bring back the milk and cookies!")

    Unfortunately I can't draw the side of a barn.
    Happy New Year to everybody!

    1. ooh, very good!!
      I can't draw either ... but the mental image you conjure re elf works just great.