Friday, February 15, 2013

Vintage Soviet posters: galvanizing and gorgeous

In addition to making its own indigenous contributions, Russian poster art in the 20th century mirrored Western movements, from art nouveau through psychedelia. Here are some beautiful examples, in somewhat chronological fashion. First up are advertising images.

Next is a group of vibrant and kinetic circus promotions.
 Finally, theater, music, and film posters.
Pyshka, Mikhail Romm`s 1934 adaptation of Guy de Maupassant`s story “Boule de Suif.”
Grigori Kozintsev's adaptation of Hamlet, 1964.
Journey to Mars
Ewald André Dupont`s English film Moulin Rouge (1928, starring Olga Tschechowa, Jean Bradin, and Eve Gray).
Don Quixote.
Do you love posters too? Feast your eyes on these collections, focusing on films, rarities, Americana, nature, and more.


  1. Love these. I especially enjoy the Don Quixote and the Journey to Mars posters.

  2. Never really liked anything Soviet, including their politics, bad manners on the world stage, and style of hockey. The latter is why The Great One, Wayne Gretzkey, defeated them and help seal their fate of the dustbin of history, with Wayne's hand firmly on the broom/stick.

    These are cool posters, though.


  3. There must be a reason why the kids in the cocoa ad are carrying umbrellas...but I can't come up with one!