Friday, March 29, 2013

Caption Contest victor & more funny stuff

The votes have been counted, and the Easter Bunny is happy to pull out of his hat the name of the winner in our latest caption contest. By a hefty margin, it is Stella Weng! Congratulations, and I'll be sending you the code for your discount via e-mail. Thanks to all the clever folks who shared their wit with us—we hope you'll continue to do so.
"I'm leaving you, Jake. Maximillian here .... understands me."
Here's a close-up of the new contest image (see the rules at the upper right of this page).
More funny stuff: NPR Laughter Therapy: A Comedy Collection for the Chronically Serious; Monty Python's Flying Circus: Complete and Annotated ... All the Bits.
And here's a recent winner from Anne Taintor's monthly caption contest.


  1. Thanks for the close-up. What IS that creature? A dog? A cat? Mini Me to the Werewolf?
    And what has it got in its mouth? A speculum?

  2. I love the Anne Taintor caption! Does she post the other entries into the contest?

    1. Hi there, pineapple pie!
      The Anne Taintor site has a list of winning captions. My favorite is : "We go together like drunk and disorderly!"

    2. I've noticed that the Taintor captions have a disproportionate number of references to liquor. Not that I mind; just sayin'!

    3. She sells shot glasses and pocket flasks, too. There may be a connection!