Sunday, March 17, 2013

Irish lit and musical lift from the Corrs

My, isn't she bodacious! I'll get around to the Harp later (no Guinness on hand), but have already celebrated by watching one of our St Patrick's Day offerings: The Boys & Girl from County Clare. (Andrea Corr stars in it, and in the exhilarating video below.) Being a musician of sorts, as well as an Irish lass, I loved it. Two of my all-time favorite writers, Edna O'Brien and William Trevor, are included in our celebratory "save some green" sale, so check it out.
Who has a favorite Irish writer to recommend?


  1. Who has a favorite Irish writer to recommend?

    You mentioned him last August: Brian O’Nolan, aka Flann O’Brien. (I might also recommend another Irish ‘writer,’ Van Morrison, who has produced some very nice work over the years.)

  2. I so need to read him ... Thanks for the nudge.